About The Book

From The Outside In

Is a story of a lady that was born in 1929 and has witnessed every life changing events that happened since the day she was born to the present day?

The most heart-breaking was sending her sons to work from the age of 14 even if it meant taring a family apart to survive.

The accounts witnessed by her last son James breaks free of his memories as a child has never forgotten his mother’s love and how she protected him from the harsh world of a forgotten era which he rememorizes in a beautifully illustrated account as a child what it was like growing up in the small town of Castlecomer Co Kilkenny Ireland from 1967 to 1981.

Those memories had a grip on his attention to detail of a loving family and the everlasting loyalty for the town that gave him a strong start to a gripping future.

Although James only writes of his memory as a boy, his yesterday years live on through a mother’s loyalty dedication and least of all love for family.

From THE OUTSIDE IN will take your breath away from start to finish and promises you enjoyment as the photographs show James and his Twin sister growing up to his adventures all in a short time which were worth a lifetimes worth.

The Authors Words

It must be said that for many years I was haunted in a very strange way with regards a quite simple purpose as to tell a story about my wonderful life being bought up singlehanded by my mother and although the struggles that were not documented in the book as requested by my mother, I just had to write just some of the wonderful things that happened on the way of those amazing years before we left to our new destination.

- James Saunders

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