"The message that comes from the heart
of the book is a simple one. What we had was everything from nothing and we never once lost faith in our mother as she never lost faith in us.

About The Book


An Author

Is a story of a lady that was born in 1929 and has witnessed every life changing events that happened since the day she was born to the present day?

The most heart-breaking was sending her sons to work from the age of 14 even if it meant taring a family apart to survive.

The accounts witnessed by her last son James breaks free of his memories as a child has never forgotten his mother’s love and how she protected him from the harsh world of a forgotten era which he rememorizes in a beautifully illustrated account as a child what it was like growing up in the small town of Castlecomer Co Kilkenny Ireland from 1967 to 1981.


James Saunders

My name is James Saunders

Born in 1967 in a small town called Castlecomer Co Kilkenny Ireland.

I was born into a large family a loving and close net family and I am a twin to my loving sister Philomena.

I was raised my loving mother Annie Hickey married name Saunders.

The name I grew up with was Jimmy Saunders in a little area called Marymount looking over the town of Castlecomer and is the place where I still feel as much a part of it today as I have done as a young boy.

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